The Polo Club of Atlanta

Pony Parties! Petting Zoo! Boarding!

Party overview

Pony Parties at The Polo Club of Atlanta can be really fun and exciting for the whole family! Just imagine
It is your birthday or special occasion, or you just want to have a party. You get to invite your family and friends out to the farm for an afternoon they will never forget!

First, there will be pony

rides for all children. Each ride is hand led by our trained staff, though a parent or adult may want to walk alongside with the smaller children. All of our equipment is clean, safe and well cared for.

Your next stop will be a

visit to our petting zoo and animal’s play house. You get to feed and play with our miniature pot-bellied pigs, a variety of pygmy and miniature goats, miniature sheep, rabbits, hens and roosters.

Then you can learn to

brush, groom and feed the miniature donkey and miniature horse. You can even put ribbons, bows and sparkles in their manes and tails, and dress them up!

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